1.    All Proposals and quotes are valid for 30 days from its date.

2.    The price assumes uninterrupted access to all necessary areas required for filming unless otherwise specified in the proposal. Waiting time and delays caused by access restriction will be charged for as an amount extra to this proposal at our current rates.

3.    The proposal does not include any set or location preparation building works, removal and replacement of ceilings, making good, decorating etc. unless otherwise specified in our proposal, as it is assumed that this will be done by others on site at no cost to Palm Tree Media International.

4.    No responsibility can be accepted for damage to property, decorations, fixtures and fittings etc., although obviously all reasonable care will be taken whilst working on location. Power may be required on location at no cost to Palm Tree Media International.

5.    In order to reduce our costs and therefore to offer you the client the best price, 75% of the total amount quoted is requested with an order for the production or goods, and the balance to be paid one week before the first day of work or filming. If the project amount is less than £6,000.00, the total amount is payable in advance 30 days before commencement of work.

6.    Palm Tree Media International reserve the right to withhold final footage or goods should full payment not be forthcoming, and to charge additional commissioning fees to cover traveling and labour costs as necessary. Payments not made within the 30 day period from the date of invoice will be subject to interest at the rate of 5% of the total amount outstanding per additional 30 day period or part thereof, unless agreed in writing to the contrary.

7.    Websites and social media platforms managed by Palm Tree Media International will be frozen on non - payment of agreed maintenance / management fees. These fees may include payments to third parties. URLs provided by PTMI will be cancelled after 2 x months of non - payment. Re instatement costs will be charged extra to any contracts / agreements in place for payment before reinstating on line.

8.    Unless specified differently in writing by Palm Tree Media International, the cost quoted for film production shall include 1 x re edit of the film or each film or section of film being produced. Additional re edits or changes will be charged at £750.00 per day and shall be received before release of any production or footage.

9.    Legal ownership of the production specified in this proposal does not pass to the buyer or client quoted to until the quoted price has been paid in full. Acceptance of the quotation is deemed to be an acceptance of this clause and all other clauses.

10.    Any item of equipment on loan or on hire what ever the circumstances, or any equipment left on the clients premises or premises used by the client for the project in hand, for storage during installation or production work, is under the responsibility of the client to be fully insured and secure at no cost to Palm Tree Media International. Any loss, damage or theft to such equipment will be charged for at the current rates.

11.    Contracts or Projects taking more than one month to film, will be invoiced in advance on a monthly basis for work completed or part of the contact work completed monthly, with the above 30 days payment terms applicable, unless otherwise specified in writing.

12.    Cancellation of orders made to Palm Tree Media International will incur a fee of 25% of the total amount ordered if cancelled more than 30 days before the booking, and 100% if cancelled less than 30 days before the booking, to be paid within fourteen days of cancellation.

13.    No responsibility will accepted for any loss or damages due to delayed or non delivery of the goods, systems or services detailed in our quotation, or any subsequent quotation or correspondence regarding the original quotation, however caused. Delivery times and dates if any are approximate and variable. No responsibility will be accepted for delays to filming though bad weather conditions or any other event however caused.

14.    Palm Tree Media International reserve the right to use part or all of the footage and or completed films for publicity purposes on the company website, YouTube channel or other social media sites, unless agreed to the contrary in writing before filming ( i.e. confidentiality agreements )

15.    Footage from film shoots will be kept for 18 months, and then deleted unless agreed otherwise.

16.    E & O E



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